Micro Madness Romance Winners!

The winners of the #MicMad Romance Contest are:

1st Place: @kparkerrichmond (Wins a free full evaluation!)

He chewed his lip. “Ever kiss anyone with braces before?”
“No. You?”
“Yeah, too many stories about getting tangled up.”
“What—worried our wires will get crossed?”
Her eyes held his. Then she leaned in and whispered, “Why would I worry? I know exactly what you mean.”

2nd Place: @kristaljensen (Wins $100 off an evaluation, or free first ten pages!)

She grabbed the ledge and swung her legs over.
“How’s it look?” he asked.
“Incredible. Here.” She reached down and pulled until he sat beside her.
“You’re right.” He touched her cheek. “We can climb higher, you know.”
She focused on him, how their hands fit. “We will.”

3rd Place: @hailish (Wins $50 off an evaluation, or free first ten pages!)

The lass in the pub said “Fáilte,” on Jen’s last night. Then came round after round, inching closer until closing. In the street, a kiss on lips and a hush in Jen’s ear: “If I could, I’d be attracted to you.” Sparks of thrilling never-will-be on the long plane ride home.

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