3 Things to Think About when Pacing Your Novel

Guest post by author Robison Wells

Just like there’s no one “right” way to write a book, there’s no one “right” way to pace a novel. Sometimes you need to move slower and sometimes you need to move faster. It’s a balancing act that depends a great deal on your genre, style, voice, and intent. I tend to write thrillers, which are very fast paced, with only the occasional pause to catch your breath. On the other hand, historical fiction and epic fantasy might move at a much slower pace. In this article I want to talk about a three tools you can use to speed up or slow down your novel.

The Rhythm of Setting

One of the most common problems I see from beginning writers is that they either have too much description, which drags on for paragraphs or even pages, or they have too little, and I’m left to experience a story about characters in empty space. Finding that middle ground between too much and too little is vital for establishing a vivid sense of place. Just like everything else in writing, it’s an acquired skill.