The WCH Shop

an online writers' workshop

Meet agents and editors. Workshop with professionals.
All from the comfort of your home. 

September 28 & 29, 2019

5 Spots Still Available

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What You Get from The WCH Shop

You’ll be placed in a group of six people, led by one of our amazing faculty to workshop your first five pages. You’ll get professional insight straight from an agent or editor, as well as the feedback of your group members, who will all be a similar skill level.

With such an intimate group, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss your work, ask questions, and get a sense for how both professionals and readers alike will react to your first pages. And in addition, you get to offer feedback to the others in your group! 

Additional 50 or 100 page workshops are available to those wanting a more in-depth workshop experience for their work.

Again in a six-person group led by a faculty member, you will get to workshop your query letter. During this workshop, your faculty leader will read your query letter, analyze it, and help you understand where it shines and where it needs to be polished.

Make sure to come with questions ready! Need help with writing a good hook? Not sure how queries are supposed to be structured? Don’t know how to find query guidelines? Your faculty leader will have the answers  you need to feel confident in your query letter.

Keep in mind, this is a workshop, not a place to pitch. But please do make connections with your faculty! 

The amazing Jessica Day George will be delivering a keynote address for our first ever online workshop! 

 Jessica is a New York Times bestselling author, and has published over a dozen fantasy books for teens and middle grade readers, including  her most recent book THE QUEEN’S SECRET, which released this year. 

She enjoys knitting, everything Disney, putting peanut M&M’s in her movie theater popcorn, very small dogs, and traveling.

Come listen to her talk all about her publishing journey, what inspires her to write, and maybe hear a few jokes (she’s good at those!) along the way.

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